Behind The Scenes: The PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program Pitch Event

Behind The Scenes: The PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program Pitch Event

Last month, members of our team traveled to Los Angeles for the PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program Pitch Event. This event was the culmination of weeks of submissions and review — ten concepts were ready to be pitched to PlayStation executives and industry experts.

We wanted this experience to be memorable for the creators, so we spent weeks planning three days full of workshops, one on one meetings with mentors, and even a few celebrity encounters. The legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was the backdrop for everything, which added the timeless allure of Old Hollywood to the already stunning scenery.

In short, this was a big deal — and we wanted to document every minute of it. Raven Bradley, our Director of Production, led the team responsible for capturing every aspect of the event, from behind the scenes to candid interviews to the final pitch presentations. Here, she fills us in on how she and her team pulled this off (mostly) without a hitch.

What was the goal of your team? What did you want to capture?

Raven: We wanted to explore the stories of the 10 finalists as they each embarked on a journey to bring their original TV series idea to life. Through intimate interviews and on-site event capture, we revealed why the program was such an incredible opportunity, and each filmmaker gave us a glimpse into their personal journey and shared stories to help us get to know them (and their concept) better than before.

Did you know what you wanted this footage to look like before going in?

Raven: We used deliberate framing & movement to avoid any “guerilla” capture. We wanted the focus to be on the creators and their stories, and accentuate those moments with beautiful photography of the activities and locations.

How did you build a crew in LA (while you’re based in Atlanta)?

Raven: We have several talented We Make filmmakers in the Los Angeles area, and were lucky enough to work with one of our long time We Make members, Director/Producer Anthony Bui. He helped us build out an exceptional and versatile team with experience in documentary filmmaking and event capture.

What was your favorite part of the event?

Raven: The creators were all remarkably talented individuals who were from all walks of life; from a neuroscientist, to a marketing consultant, to young students still in college. Getting to know each finalist on a personal level was inspiring. We had the opportunity to hear each team’s story as they described their work with passion and sincerity.

How did this event prepare you for future events?

Raven: Planning event capture is never easy when there are simultaneous events happening all at once. Each event had varying elements, from camera operators to lighting needs, we needed to be prepared with a versatile group of filmmakers and equipment in order to capture each event in an effective and compelling way. There are no second takes, no holding for sound, and no last looks. In the end, every event has its own challenges. Bringing together a talented group of filmmakers, remaining flexible, and being over prepared will always lead to success.  And always have a backup camera. Or three.