The Best of the Best of Campus Movie Fest

The Best of the Best of Campus Movie Fest

This week we launched an awesome new partnership with Prime Video, bringing Campus Movie Fest to a world-wide streaming platform. That’s right — our little film festival is being featured right next to some of the best content available.  To kick things off, we went back through 17 years of CMF films (that’s nearly 20,000 movies, if you’re keeping track) and chose the best of the best: the Top 25 CMF films of all time.

How could we possibly narrow 20,000 films down to just 25? It wasn’t easy. Fortunately, we happen to love watching internet videos while simultaneously congratulating ourselves on a job well done. We looked through all of the Best Picture winners, Golden Tripod winners, Jury Award winners, and Staff Favorites. We saw how our students (and the quality of our cameras) have grown and changed over time. We laughed, we cried, we watched films we haven’t seen in years, we wandered down memory lane, we even found ourselves in a few *spirited* arguments in the process.

After all of that, we had a list. Here, for your Prime viewing pleasure, are the Top 25 Campus Movie Fest films of all time.

  • Balance
  • Dawn
  • Flusical!
  • Grow Grass Grow
  • Iris
  • Love Digital
  • Manta
  • My Ketchup Smiles
  • Resolution of Two
  • Rhapsody
  • Scoops
  • SheetWOW
  • Sintonía
  • Something Carved and Real
  • That Good Night
  • The Boy and the Deer
  • The Butterfly King
  • The Curious Case of Jeff Jefferson
  • Love Awkwardly
  • The Strong One
  • Tick Tock
  • Unattainable – A Ninja Story
  • Vigorade
  • Violet
  • Where the Last One Hides

You can find all of these films at We’ll be adding more every semester, so just go ahead and add us to your Watchlist. 

Happy bingeing!