Who Run the World?

Who Run the World?

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to take a moment to recognize a few of the amazing women who make IU work. From managing our biggest accounts to coordinating a cross-country tour and everything in between, these badass women keep this company at the top of its game — and keep this office from descending into chaos. Without them we would never meet deadlines, productions would stand still, and everyone in the office would stand around helplessly, staring at empty paper towel holders and wondering how the sodas find their way from the shelf to the fridge.

To celebrate these indispensable members of the IU family, we turned to the people who know best  — their fellow female coworkers, because to hell with the patriarchy. Happy International Women’s Day!


Alexandra Singerman, Senior Account Manager

“Things I admire about Alexandra: 1. She’s one of the youngest female managers at iU, and the ONLY lady member of her team. 2. She exudes confidence and strength both at work and in life – YGG! 3. She’s beautiful and stylish. 4. She is a working dog Mom.” – Ashley Childs

Anna Thomas, Production 

“Anna is a badass boss because she gets shit done with a great attitude, always. She jumped right in on one of our biggest and most challenging projects, and quickly proved that she can handle anything we throw at her. She’s also hilarious, and she probably has the best and most unique fashion sense in the whole office.” – Jess Mlynar

Ashley Childs, Project Manager 

“Ashley is a badass because she has mad communication skills. She can translate from English to Russian to HTML and back, and she doesn’t even speak Russian. Ashley is also an amazing pet momma to Penny.” – J.R. Hardman

Ashton May, Operations Director, We Make

“Not only is Ashton a literal rock star (check out her band, the Hearsay!), but she is also We Make’s rock. The network is so lucky to have someone keeping things running who genuinely cares about promoting new talent, and who also has an eye for spotting it. Ashton is also an ace on any Harry Potter trivia team and MVP in our Riverdale Slack channel, so no matter the occasion, she’s always first string!” – Claire Pope

Cherry DelRosario, Graphic Design

“Cherry is obviously an artist – she is smart, creative, sensitive, empathetic and kind. Cherry is also a total badass! She is strong, intelligent and absolutely hilarious – she brings a vibrant energy that is uniquely her own to any situation. Her sense of humor, style, and self confidence leave a lasting impression on everyone. She is indisputably her own woman, and her conviction and capability should be a total inspiration to anyone!” – Anna Thomas

Claire Pope, Project Manager

“In my short tenure of knowing Claire Pope, it’s become apparent that she really is the true embodiment of the phrase ‘the total package.’ Her attention to detail is unrivaled, she is inclusive and friendly to everyone she meets, she’s socially conscious and compassionate, she’s constantly referred to as a ‘bad ass’ on every account that she works on and – as if all of that wasn’t enough – her sense of humor and style are bar none. Gorgeous inside and out – she’s the project manager everyone crosses their fingers and wishes for, and someone people know they can depend on in every situation!” – Alexandra Singerman

Jess Mlynar, Office Manager

Jess is badass because she is a super fun person to be around. She likes good music, she loves to travel (and has been to some super cool places!), and she is the perfect office manager for IU– she is friendly, vivacious, and helpful, but she also holds everyone accountable when they think it’s totally fine to leave dirty dishes in the sink. Jess isn’t afraid to remind everyone that we are #adults and have the ability to wash our own coffee mugs. She says directly what we’re all saying passive aggressively over Slack, and for that, she is a much appreciated rock star.” – Ashton May

J.R. Hardman, Senior Tour Manager, Campus Movie Fest

J.R. is a badass, both in and out of the office. At IU, she is the Senior Tour Manager for Campus Movie Fest, making sure all of the moving parts of the tours come together. Beyond work, she is a filmmaker, a Civil War Reenactress, and a yoga instructor who recently did a yoga class everyday for 59 days straight.” – Melissa Simpson 

Julia Howard, Marketing Coordinator, Campus Movie Fest

Julia Howard not only manages marketing for CMF with such aptitude and finesse but she’s always willing to go above and beyond by being a model for CMF photo shoots, taking on design tasks to help lighten my load, and problem solving any tour issues while they’re on the road—all this while undergoing two oral surgeries in 4 months! Did I mention she’s pretty darn funny, too?” – Cherry DelRosario 

Melissa Simpson, Director of Programming, TERMINUS

Melissa is on top of it! You can trust her to always get sh*t done, and with a positive attitude to boot. That woman is organized! Melissa, you impress me!” – Julia Howard

There are many more amazing women on the IU team, and we admire each and every one of them for who they are and what they do. Slay, ladies. You’re all badasses.