Listen While You Work

Listen While You Work

We all have different things we need to feel productive — a cup of coffee, a favorite pen, a well-organized desktop, an endless selection of snacks, the list goes on. There is one item, however, that you’ll find on every desk at IU: a pair of headphones.

Photo by Jelle van Leest on Unsplash

Our office has an open floor plan, so we can see and hear just about everything our coworkers are doing. While this mostly adds to the camaraderie and laid-back vibes that we thrive on, it can also create an ADHD-inducing cacophony of voices, keyboard clicks, barking, and random YouTube videos.

Hence the headphones.

Listening to music while you work can improve your brain function, enhance your mood, and stimulate your creativity. Because, science. The type of music that works best varies as much as people’s musical tastes. While nearly everyone at IU described their best work soundtrack as “upbeat, chill, and not too distracting,” the music that they chose is a mixed bag of indie, folk, electronic, hip-hop, and pop.  

And since we consider ourselves experts on all things, we made a playlist of the best our favorite work tunes. In a way, it’s a musical representation of our office as a whole — it’s a little strange, it’s full of surprises, it might make you laugh, and most importantly, it works really well together.