iU Employee Spotlight: Victoria Emily-Bapp

iU Employee Spotlight: Victoria Emily-Bapp

Nov. 14, 2019 | By: Victoria Emily-Bapp

Victoria Emily-Bapp

Events Manager

Without using the words in your job title, describe what you do at Ideas United?

I implement the applications of support teams, including project management and design, in the development, and execution of social/leisure and corporate programs on behalf of our clients. This role allows our clients to provide an idea that I carry to its end goal through open communication, setting expectations, and thorough planning. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

That’s easy… the genuine passion of my colleagues. I am thrilled to be a part of something so organic, authentic, and passion-driven. My iU co-workers are self-motivated and eager to achieve.

What’s the biggest struggle in your role? How can iU and your colleagues help?

Being part of a brand new team brings a set of challenges that time will sort out. Otherwise, transparency and communication are always helpful. Having an opportunity to openly discuss details and set expectations greatly benefits the Events team. It is important to note that a minute detail to other departments may be absolutely critical to event logistics.

What’s your favorite iU related memory or story?

There was #BroccoliGate2019 and that time when the pipe and drape was purple and silver. I’m still a bit too new, but I look forward to having Vijay (VP of Operations, 20 + yrs. of iU experience)  level stories.

What is the most fulfilling part of your role here?

Sharing my expertise to the benefit of our team, our projects, and the whole of Ideas United is fulfilling. This allows us to provide the highest client experience possible. Adding my voice to the other amazing iU voices makes for a great song.

What are your hopes & dreams for the future of the industry we work in (content creation/ TV & Film production)?

The future is equal. This certainly includes equal representation in front of and behind the scenes. I hope this industry continues to move towards all things inclusive and equal regardless of age, gender, race, or ability. I believe that iU is definitely doing their part.

My two decent humans

What are you passionate about?

  1. Humility 
  2. Sustainability
  3. Dry humor (the world needs more… it builds character)
  4. Raising decent humans (despite the dry humor)
  5. Art and music are my jam

Who or what inspires you?

I wholeheartedly believe that inspiration can and should be found everywhere and through everyone. Cliche but very true. I really enjoy watching random people (especially seniors) from afar and wondering just how they got to this moment in their life.  

Who is your professional mentor? 

Connie Bergeron, CMP (Maya Angelou and Brene Brown… in my head). Connie is an icon in the event industry. Her list of awards is endless. Her affiliation with PCMA and MPI has, in part, made both national organizations what they are today. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with her on several projects and to be mentored by her through multiple programs. Her encouragement and motivation are always on time. 

What’s your favorite interview question to ask, and why? 

“If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring?” I often ask it when interviewing others. I enjoy hearing the creative answers. I love getting this question and my answer is always ‘a yacht with a crew’. It has received mixed reviews, but I stand by it.