iU 2019 Highlights and 2020 Growth

iU 2019 Highlights and 2020 Growth

An update from David Roemer  Ideas United CEO and Co-Founder

We’re creating for the future at Ideas United: the future of emerging storytellers, the future of our partners, the future of our team. We feel incredibly fortunate to be celebrating 2019 — our best year ever.  A rundown of highlights:

  • We closed a $15 million growth equity funding commitment from Kayne Partners 
  • We hired 40+ exceptional new members of our team
  • We ran our biggest year of Campus Movie Fest yet, and partnered with The Walt Disney Company to launch the massively successful  Women in Film category 
  • We continued our multi-year partnerships with brands ranging from the PGA of America to Defenders of Wildlife
  • We partnered with ABC to launch the ABC Entertainment Marketing Women’s Production Program, leading to a campaign for “A Million Little Things,” created by a top emerging female filmmaker 
  • We partnered with multiple premier universities and nonprofits to share their stories, including the Centennial Celebration for Emory University’s Goizueta Business School 
  •  We partnered with NBCUniversal to launch the 1917 One Shot Challenge, a short film contest targeting emerging filmmakers to promote Universal Pictures’ thrilling new epic, 1917 
  • We launched the DCYou Unscripted partnership with DC Universe, resulting in over 1,100 concepts for original series that are being judged by industry luminaries 

Now we look forward to 2020, full of excitement about the opportunities in front of us, including:

  • Celebrating our 20th anniversary of Campus Movie Fest as well as a new partnership with Disney+ 
  • Tripling the size of our team on the West Coast
  • Continuing our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our company, our community, and the industry as a whole
  • Partnering with Emory University to change the way higher-ed institutions engage alumni and create impact
  • Producing the top three DCYou Unscripted concepts into pilot episodes and one concept into a series debuting on DC Universe

As the year progresses, we look forward to sharing more. Mostly, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s believed in us, and trusted us to partner on changing the way stories are told. Here’s to many more partnerships to come! 


David Roemer, CEO and Co-Founder, Ideas United