Looks Like We Made It (and You Can, Too)

Looks Like We Made It (and You Can, Too)

iU Women Share Professional Advice for Women Creators 

March 31, 2020 | By: Amanda Plumb, Creative Director

It started with an idea. 

LaToya wanted to make a video about the women on Ideas United’s post-production team. The marketing team loved it and expanded the idea to include all the women of iU for Women’s History Month. That’s when the assignment landed on my desk. 

In true iU fashion, I pulled together a brainstorm. Mae wanted to write thank you’s to inspiring women in the field. A.P. wanted to talk about how we’re more than women. Ashley suggested burning down the patriarchy. 

Then, Sarah mentioned she’d never had a mentor in her field; she didn’t know design was an option until she was older. Other women chimed it. Seemingly none of us got the advice we needed about the creative industry. 

That’s when it clicked. We didn’t want to simply highlight iU’s programs for emerging female filmmakers. We didn’t want to pat ourselves on the back. We didn’t want to talk about ourselves at all. 

iU’s mission is to create for a better future. So we decided to be actionable, to create something for our viewers: young women hesitant to get behind the camera (you should!), older women who feel it’s too late to change careers (it’s not!), and everyone in between. We decided to give the advice we wished someone had given us.

Since we believe everyone has a story to tell, we invited all the women in the company to participate.  We got real. We got vulnerable. And we hope it inspires someone out there to pursue what they love.

As for my advice…

Be more yourself. Whoever you are, be you. A year ago, I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing with my life. But I decided to be more me and that’s when I found my way here — to this crazy little community of talented and passionate women… and men.